Architectural And interior design

Our team specialize in designing and building interiors for
safety, functionality and aesthetics. we  are involved from the earliest stages of a building project,
which can start with developing ideas with the client, establishing budgets,
assessing the needs of the building and its users, and its impact within the
local environment.

We assist with site selection and work closely with contractors on site,
ensuring that works are carried out to specific standards and that, above
all, the building is sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing.
The team also need to have an awareness of commercial and financial

Our range service are include:

*    Discussing the objectives, requirements and budget of a project;
*    Consulting with other professionals about design;
*    Preparing and presenting feasibility reports and design proposals to
        the client;
*    Advising the client on the practicality of their project;
*    Using IT in design and project management, specifically using
        computer-aided design software;
*    Keeping within financial budgets and deadlines;
*    Producing detailed workings, drawings and specifications;
*    Specifying the nature and quality of materials required;
*    Preparing tender applications and presentations;
*      Negotiating with contractors and other professionals;
*    Preparing applications for planning and building control
*    Drawing up tender documents for contracts;
*    Project managing and helping to coordinate the work of contractors;
*    Controlling a project from start to finish;
*      Regular site visits to check on progress, ensuring that the project
        is running on time and to budget;
*    Resolving problems and issues that arise during construction;
*    Ensuring that the environmental impact of the project is managed

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